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We carry out isolated repairs to any vitreous enameled cooking range in situ, in any colour. We repair isolated minor cosmetic damage to large fractures on the enamel or carry out full resurfacing & colour change options.

The range does have to be cold to work on which is very important. If you need to carry out any internal repairs, or change the lids/domes/heat ropes/dials then these should be changed before we get there. We literally are the last trades to attend to carry out our resurfacing works.

If you are redesigning your kitchen it would be better to have this built and finished off so there is no opportunity for any damage to occur after your range has been resurfaced.

If we are to resurface the top in Black then please have the lids/domes removed for us, these can then be re-fitted by your installer 24 hours after we have left. We can resurface your range in any colour and these do not have to be standard colours, we can match to your colour scheme. Prior to works commencing we would require a colour sample that we can work from, once this is made we would bring this to site and tweak it in-situ before resurfacing so we can adjust this to your kitchen lighting or shadows it may cast.

The range would need de-greasing before we attend which will reduce your initial cost, it can take 3-4 hours alone to clean a heavily greased range which would reflect in your estimate. All our work is carried out in-situ unless you specifically wish to have your range dismantled, we can arrange collection and delivery for this.

Frequently Asked Questions:

AGA resurfacing is a cheaper way of transforming a tired and dated AGA without the need to dismantle and send off for vitreous enamelling. We can resurface your AGA in-situ in any colour which can take 2-3 days.

Can my AGA be resurfaced in any colour?
Yes, we can resurface in any colour and match to any shade in your kitchen, we always mix the colours on site or before hand if we are given a sample so you can be sure you are getting the exact colour.

Can the AGA be left on whilst resurfacing?
The AGA must be switched off at least 24 hours before we attend as we cannot work on a hot surface.

Do I need to have the AGA serviced before resurfacing?
Ideally if we are resurfacing the top it’s good to have the heat ropes checked for wear, if these let out any heat it could affect the long term finish. The AGA would benefit from being serviced before we get there.

Can you resurface the AGA top?
Yes, we can resurface the top but it must be cleaned and de-greased before we get there, alternatively if the top is good but has minor chip damage we can repair these areas without the expense of resurfacing.

My chrome lids are showing signs of wear, can these be treated?
We can resurface enamelled domes and lid rings, again in any colour or we can supply most AGA lid spares if the domes are tired and need replacing.

Does the AGA need to be cleaned before hand?
To save costs the AGA needs deep cleaning thoroughly before we attend, we will clean it during our preparation but built up grease must be removed.

How long will I be without my AGA?
A typical 4 oven AGA will take 2-3 days to resurface, sometimes we would remove the doors and treat these in our workshops.

Can you match the AGA to my new colour scheme?
We can resurface in any colour.

My AGA is boxed in, will this affect the finish?
No, we can work around any boxed in AGA.

My AGA protrudes slightly from the work units showing the sides, will this be treated?
Generally we would treat these exposed areas if we felt they would show, if we are resurfacing to the same colour they would stay as they are, if we are resurfacing in a contrasting colour we would treat the exposed areas.

I have an electric AGA, can this be resurfaced?
We can resurface any AGA, Rayburn, Esse or any cooking range. We can’t resurface a gas hob with an open flame.

How can I keep the AGA clean?
We recommend to clean daily with a neutral cleaner such as HG grease away or a general purpose non-abrasive cleaner.

Are there any things to be aware on how to treat the surface?
The surface cannot be cleaned with abrasives, scourers, Jif or cleaners of that type. A mild cleaner used daily will stop any dirt from baking on. We do not recommend dragging pots/pans across the hotplate as this will scratch over time. Heavy dishes must be lifted off.

What is the cost to resurface an AGA?
It depends on many factors, colour, size, location etc. Generally to resurface a 4 oven AGA and top plate would cost in the region of £1800.00+VAT, ideally we need to survey before pricing.

I am changing my kitchen around and having new worktops installed, do you resurface before or after any works are carried out?
We always will be the last trades to come in to resurface the AGA, we need as little dust as possible so after is always better. We also do not want the risk of any damage to the AGA from other building works.

Is the work guaranteed?
All our work is guaranteed for 3 years but cleaned/used in the correct manner will last for years.

What happens if I chip the AGA?
No problem, we can always keep the AGA looking as new by repairing any chips or giving the surface a good industrial clean.


I thought our Aga was ready for the scrap heap! Someone recommended Dreammaker Bathrooms to me  as they had heard they do Aga Restoration, and I cannot believe how they did it! My Aga looks like new and I am absolutely delighted.
Cynthia Last