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We repair, resurface, add anti slip treatment and colour match all types of shower trays.

Many shower trays are the old imperial sizing meaning that a replacement could involve major disruption to your bathroom, as walls would need to be moved/ chiselled out and a whole new shower tray and cubicle put in. Having your shower tray renovated in situ is therefore the obvious solution!


Our shower needed replacing, or so we thought as it was chipped and cracked from dropping the shower head on it! It was the ‘old’ sizing and we could not find the right size to replace it, which meant we would have needed a wall moved just to put a new shower tray in – as well as also needing a new cubicle and tiling. Luckily a friend recommended DreamMaker and one of their survey team quickly came out to do a quote. He immediately said it was easily repairable. He called the office to book an appointment for the work to be done. DreamMaker made our shower tray like new again, and added an anti slip treatment which has made such a difference. Very happy with the quick and cost effective service.
Alice Crickmore, Frinton-On- Sea