Kitchen repairs and resurfacing

Worktop & tile repair / resurface

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If you’re like many homeowners, you plan to keep the existing layout of your kitchen exactly the same but wish to renew and update its look. Kitchen door and worktop resurfacing lets you keep your existing kitchen intact while completely transforming its appearance. You can refinish the entire worktop, doors and frames to transform your look and colour-match other décor. Or we can repair and restore small isolated areas. Badly damaged worktops can be invisibly repaired using our top quality, professional materials. Marble, Formica and many other surfaces can be restored and colour matched to their former glory. We can undertake most jobs in-situ, within a day, with a minimum of fuss and upheaval. Making use of new technology, we can repair to an almost perfect finish many surfaces, saving all the disruption and cost of replacement. We can repair surface scratch marks up to large holes, chipped and damaged edges, impact marks, cracks, broken corners and defects caused during installation and finishing. Once applied it forms a tough durable finish that not only protects your surfaces but also looks fantastic. The newly applied surface is highly resistant to spills and stains making it easy to clean with just soap and water.

Fleck Coatings

These beautiful faux stone coatings are dimensional and contain individual flecks of different colours, subtly blended to create the illusion of depth and texture of natural stones. They are exceptionally durable and washable, fast drying and resistant to household chemicals. They are safe and environmentally friendly, with a low odour and low V.O.C. content. They can be used to cover almost any well prepared surface. Counter tops can be easily transformed, without need for a carpenter! They can be ready for light use in 24 hours. Kitchen and bathroom walls, countertops and splash backs can be made stunning and colour matched to suit your existing décor. The coatings can be used for pool enclosures and even protected patio and exterior surfaces. They have excellent coverage and are ideal for masonry and other irregular surfaces, fire surrounds, arches, columns, beams, etc.

The coatings have excellent camouflaging properties, perfect for concealing small imperfections and touch-ups blend in very well and defy detection. They have resistance to stains and marks; they can even be scrubbed, so are ideal for active living areas. We have many fleck variants to choose from, different blues, greens, charcoal mixes. Lovely autumnal reds and golds, or more traditional limestone, onyx and granite mixes. Ideal for homeowners, property managers, hoteliers etc, this exciting new product creates the sophisticated, realistic look of stone and granite on multiple surfaces and can be applied quickly and efficiently in-situ, at a fraction of the cost of replacement.


Sara and your team, thankyou so much for saving me from being kicked out of my parents home. Maybe having a party when they were away and my mate putting a hot wok on their laminated work top was not such a great idea! Your team came out and assessed the damage, within a few days the worktop was repaired as new without my folks knowing. Cheers Dream Team! You saved me.
Steven, Essex